Rethinking the University: Labor, Knowledge, Value

Acabo de enterarme de que se celebra esta conferencia de estudiantes graduados en Minnesota este fin de semana. Un poco tarde ya para ir. Pero tiene buena pinta.

Rethinking the University: Labor, Knowledge, Value

El programa:

Friday, April 11th

Morning events in CSOM, room 2-213

9:00am-9:45am – Opening Comments and Introductions

Academic Labors in the “Knowledge Factory” (panel)

Randal Kent Cohn, George Mason U., “The Politics and Pedagogy of Design History”
Lisa Disch, U. of Minnesota, “Rethinking the Place of Politically Committed Academic Labor in the ‘Corporate’ University”
Barbara Winkler, Southern Oregon U., “’Laboring in the Knowledge Factory’: A View from Women’s Studies”
Frank Donoghue, Ohio State U., “Against Publication”

Fictions of Autonomy (panel)

Kathleen McConnell, Indiana U., “Classes in Advanced Fantasy”
Chris Roberts, Reed College, “The University as a Temple of Truth: Sacrifice and Scholarship in Weber’s ‘Science as a Vocation’”
Eli Thorkelson, U. of Chicago, “The University as Political Fantasy: Towards an Anthropology of Academic Dystopia”
Ingo Schmidt, Athabasca U., “Manufacturing Capital Fetishism: The Economic-Religious Complex and the Financialisation of Capitalism”

12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch break – in CSOM, room 1-132

Afternoon events in CSOM, room L-110

Valuing the Liberal Arts (roundtable)

Margaret Werry, U. of Minnesota, “Value, Liberalism, the Arts: arguments for a viable future”
Jigna Desai, U. of Minnesota, “no time for clever titles: ethnic studies, labor, and the “value” of diversity in the neoliberal university”
Arun Saldanha, U. of Minnesota, “The Oppressive Sadness of Campus Life: Liberal Arts and Atomization”
Jani Scandura, U. of Minnesota

Radical Re-framings

Isaac Kamola and Eli Meyerhoff, U. of Minnesota, “Creating Commons: Divided Governance, Participatory Management, and Struggle over the Enclosure of the University”
The Counter-Cartographies Collective, UNC at Chapel Hill, “Mapping the 21st Century (Global) University”
Jack Jackson, UC Berkeley, “Imperial Knowledge”

Precarious Labor in the University (roundtable)

David Bernstein, U. of Minnesota
Marc Bousquet, Santa Clara U., “Extreme Work-Study”
Peter Rachleff, Macalester U., “The Rise and Fall of Academic Labor, 1985-2007”
Vincent Tirelli, CUNY, “The Invisible Faculty Fight Back: Contingent Academic Labor and the Political Economy of the Corporate University”

The NYU Grad Strike and the Neoliberal University (panel)

Panel Chair: Steve Fletcher, NYU
Michael Palm and Monika Krause, NYU, “Activists into Organizers: Lessons from GSOC’s History at NYU”
Andrew Cornell, NYU, “How to Lose a Grad Student Strike: Lessons from the NYU Experience”
Zach Schwartz-Weinstein
, NYU, GSOC, “The 2005-2006 NYU Strike and the Future of Academic Labor”
Rana Jaleel, NYU, GSOC/UAW-Local 2110, “GSOC, Diversity, and the Neoliberal University”

7:30pm-9:00pm – Reception in Ferguson Hall, room 280

Saturday, April 12th

Events in Nolte Center, room 140

University / Imperialism / War (panel)

Rich Martinez, U. of Minnesota, “Intellectuals in Time of War”
David Downing, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, “World Bank University”
Lena Sze, NYU, “American Style in the Middle East, Liberal Education, The Corporate U, and Transnational Academic Enterprises”
John Wilson, Institute for College Freedom, “Academic Freedom During the War on Terror”

Inside/Outside: the University and the Public Intellectual (roundtable)

Catherine Squires, U. of Minnesota, “Public intellectuals, diversity, and difference”
Gil Rodman, U. of Minnesota, on the strike and academic labor
Naomi Scheman, U. of Minnesota, on community-based participatory research

Labor in the Neoliberal University (roundtable)

Paula Rabinowitz, U. of Minnesota, on academic freedom and academic labor
John Mowitt, U. of Minnesota, “Neoliberalization of Knowledge”
Jess Sundin, U. of Minnesota
Jeff Pilacinski, U. of Minnesota
Eric Jensen, U. of Minnesota

1:00pm-2:00pm – Lunch break

Historical Fragments on the University in Crisis (roundtable)

Jeff Manuel, U. of Minnesota
Kevin Murphy,
U. of Minnesota
Eric Richtmyer, U. of Minnesota
JB Shank, U. of Minnesota
Tom Wolfe, U. of Minnesota

Surplus Value and the University in Crisis (panel)

Kim Fulbright, U. of Cincinnati, on The University’s Budget Crisis and Disaster Capitalism
Morgan Adamson, U. of Minnesota, “Student Debt and the Financialization of Academic Life”
Ellen Messer Davidow, U. of Minnesota, on progressive interdisciplinary work
Elizabeth Kissling, Eastern Washington University, “Thinking Outside the Big Red Box: Would You Like Fries With That?”
Jeffrey Williams, Carnegie Mellon U., “Debt Education: Bad for the Young, Bad for America”

Radical Pedagogy (roundtable)

Ron Aminzade, U. of Minnesota
Richard Ohmann, Wesleyan U., “Progressive Teaching, 2008 and After”
Harvey Sarles, U. of Minnesota, “Teaching as Dialogue”

Teaching the University (panel)

Jeffrey J. Williams, Carnegie Mellon U., “Why Teach the University?”
Heather Steffen and David Cerniglia, Carnegie Mellon U., “Composing the University”
Eric Leuschner, Fort Hays State U., “Teaching the University in Gen Ed Lit Courses”

7:45-11pm: Dinner/party at the Bell Museum

Screening of five films on labor and the university:
8:15-8:35: San Francisco State: On Strike (1969)
8:45-9:15: Degrees of Shame (1997)
9:30-9:50 I’m on Strike Because (2007)
10:00-10:30 Voices on the Line: 2003 U of M Clerical Striike (2003)
10:30-10:35 U of M Strike 2007: Hunger Strikers and Legislators Speak Out (2007)

Sunday, April 13th

Events in Nolte Center, room 140

A screening of the film, “I’m on Strike Because…”,
about the NYU strikers’ media/communications strategy
— followed by a Q&A with NYU grads.

Visions of the University, Actual & Ideal: Rethinking Representations and Relationships (panel)

Part One: “Shattering the Idealized Community: Visions of Autonomy in Language and Thought about the University”
Lee Abbott and Erik Chandler, U. of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Part Two: “Whose Vision? Conceptualizing University Hierarchies as Labor Relationships”
Carrie Wadman and Royal Bonde-Griggs, U. of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Rethinking Graduate Worker Organizing (panel)

Renee Barlow, Indiana U., “’This Ain’t the Mafia’: Activism and Unionization at Indiana University”
John Conley, U. of Minnesota
Joe Feinberg, U. of Chicago
Nate Holdren, U. of Minnesota

Between Co-optation and Subversion: Creating Spaces of Resistance within the University (roundtable)

Nathan Clough, U. of Minnesota, “Against the Public: Forging Constituent Spaces out of the People Machine”
Raphi Rechitsky, U. of Minnesota

Wrap-up session

Join the Experimental College class, “Theorizing the University,” (link) to continue discussions and to strategize next steps.



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